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Medium Dragon Tree (NEW)

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The Medium Dragon Tree is a new and a great option to bring some sparkle and dimension into your space.

This plant is fun, easy going and grows new leaves often. It will thrive at the sun but will also manged being put a desk, a few meters away from the window. Delivered to your door, this is the perfect gift for plant lovers, housewarming, birthdays and more!

Pot Dimensions: 7"W x 6.75"H

POT & PLANT COMBINED SIZE: Medium - 9-15”H x 7”W

LIGHT: This plant can manage in bright locations as well as a few metres away from direct light.

CARE: Moderate - Put the plant in the sink and water. Allow all of the water to drain before putting in back to its place. Don't overwater, once or twice a week is fine!


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