Ordering Online

How To order online with Just Baskets - Please read fully to understand how to complete your order.

1. Using the navigation bar on the left to browse the different categories and find the gift you wish to purchase.

2. Click on the picture or the view details button of the basket you'd like. This will take you to our order/information page.

3. Scroll down to select the size, colour, etc. (if applicable) by clicking in the appropriate radio button.

4. Fill in the message you would like on the card, the recipient address (be sure to include name and phone number), add your signature (ex. Love bob) and if necessary, the special instructions box (specific delivery date, etc.).

5. Click on the drop down box to choose the required shipping destination information.

6. Click "Add to Cart".

7. Click "Continue shopping" if you have more shopping to do OR "go to payments" to complete your ordering.

8. Review the delivery information, and then click "continue". This takes you to a SECURE area. You may pay by Paypal or your credit card.  If you don't have a Paypal account just click on "Don't have a Paypal account?" and the box will open up to let you enter all your pertinent information.  Enter your credit card information.  MAKE SURE YOU UNCHECK THE  SHIPPING ADDRESS BOX, so that it shows a full shipping address, as opposed to "same as billing address".  Fill out the Shipping Address information in full.  
Click “PAY” when you have entered your information.  If you do not fill this out, the product is NOT covered by our insurance company, and if the product is lost, stolen, or damaged, we cannot give you a refund or pay for another product to be shipped to your recipient.

9. Review all the information about your order, if everything is in order click “finish”.

10. You’re done! You be sent a confirmation receipt by email.