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Holiday Impressions Gift Basket

Holiday Impressions Gift Basket

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The Holiday Impressions is a great shareable gift basket for holiday!

Introducing our exquisite gift basket filled with a delectable assortment of treats that are perfect for sharing. This thoughtfully curated gift includes generous portions of mouthwatering delights such as Old Dominion peanut brittle, decadent chocolate brownies, flavorful cappuccino, indulgent Lindt truffles, gourmet hot chocolate, Jelly Belly jelly beans, irresistible maple peanuts, maple cream cookies, delightful cranberry pomegranate clusters, Claeys cherry drops, scrumptious sugar cookies, savory sesame crackers, delectable biscotti, delightful Pizazz fruit jellies, Laura Secord fudge, and a tempting Godiva dark chocolate almond tablet bar. All these delectable treats are elegantly arranged in a sturdy and stylish heavy weave basket.

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