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Medium Ponytail Palm

Medium Ponytail Palm

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This Medium Ponytail Palm is sure to impress!

We love this funky plant! An easy-to-care-for plant, the pony is in reality a succulent, and it holds water in its generous trunk, making watering a breeze.  This ponytail palm loves the sun, being happy in very bright indirect light.

POT & PLANT COMBINED SIZE Medium - Shipped in a 6'' growers pot and placed inside a decorative pot 7'' inches wide and 6'' to 7'' tall.

LIGHT: Enjoys bright indirect sun; within a few feet from a window is ideal.

CARE: Carefree - Water every 10-14 days allowing excess water to drain before placing plant back into decorative pot.

 FUN FACT: Ponytail palms have a root bulb where they store excess water making this plant somewhat drought tolerant.

Shipping: $14.99 Ontario and Quebec only

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