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Medium Potted ZZ

Medium Potted ZZ

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This potted ZZ in medium size is our best-seller!

The ZZ has a bright foliage along with its thick, arching stems that keep the plant hydrated and is pretty resistant to drought. This plant can tolerate low to bright light environments. This ZZ plant is happy on a sunny sill, but can also manage being on a desk or table a few meters away from a window.  Water only when the soil is very dry, every 14-21 days or so.  

Pot Dimensions: 7"W x 6.75"H

POT & PLANT COMBINED SIZE Medium - 9-15”H x 7”W

LIGHT: Put this plant on a bright spot! A South facing window if possible.

CARE: Carefree - Water sparingly, every 14-21 days.


Shipping: $14.99 Ontario and Quebec only

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